Review: AUKEY Mobile Phone Holder Windshield Dashboard 360 Degree Rotating Car Mount


A solid, well built, car mount. Although I prefer the magnetic car mounts that are on offer, I do appreciate that they don’t work well in all cars. This car mount is pretty handy for placing your phone or GPS device on the dash, or even using it as a stand in the office or at home.

There’s plenty of flexibility in the positioning, and the grip is pretty strong, which is possibly better for larger devices than using the magnetic mounts. The base of the device is extremely secure, and despite attempting to knock it, it didn’t budge, so I’m really pleased with the durability.

As I said, I prefer the magnet mounts, but this certainly works better for providing better viewing angles, and also works better with larger devices as it feels more secure.

Manufacture Description:

  • Fast setup – Adheres securely to your windshield, dashboard, or other surfaces with reinforced suction mounting mechanism
  • 360° rotatable ball joint design makes it easy to find the ideal viewing angle from any position
  • Phone cradle is compatible with smartphones between 4″ to 6.5″ in screen size
  • Easy to install and reuse, just rinse suction cup under water for a fresh start
  • Package Contents: AUKEY HD-C28 Dashboard Car Mount, User Manual, 24 Month Warranty Card

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Review: AUKEY Gaming Controller Wireless 2.4 GHz Vibration-Feedback Gamepad PC Controller


For the price, this is a really nice little controller. Granted, it’s not quite as sturdy as an Xbox controller, but it’s certainly not as cheap feeling as others I’ve taken for a spin.

The overall design is almost identical to an Xbox controller. It’s light weight and the buttons have a good feel to them, each having a good, solid click. The triggers also feel good, and aren’t overly spongey like some I’ve used.

Connection wise this is reliable and works well. The provided dongle allows you to connect to most devices that have a USB, and for things like Android phones and tablets, there is also an OTG cable so you can plug the dongle in.

If you’re after a budget controller, that doesn’t feel ridiculously cheap, then this is worth looking at.

Manufacture Description:

  • An ergonomic, fully-featured wireless gaming controller for computers, Android devices, and PlayStation 3
  • Compact, ergonomic shape provides a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. Complete and precise control with the full range of responsive gamepad buttons and dual analogue sticks & triggers
  • Stable and reliable 2.4 GHz wireless signal, transmitted by a USB receiver small enough to leave permanently plugged in. Included OTG cable provides compatible connection for Android phones and tablets
  • Extensive and diverse compatibility with plug and play support for Windows computers (Windows Vista and above); Android smartphones, tablets, TVs, and set-top boxes (Android 4.0 or above); and PlayStation 3 games consoles
  • Package Contents: AUKEY GE-W1 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Controller, Micro-USB Cable, USB Wireless Receiver, Micro-USB to USB-A Female OTG Cable, User Manual, 24-Month Warranty Card

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Review: AUKEY Lightning Cable [ Apple MFI Certified ] 2 * 3.3ft / 1m


Great quality charging cables which work as well as the ones Apple supply in the box. The cables feel well made and sturdy, and the charge times are great. I used mine to sync up to my Macbook, and to also charge my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. With both devices the cables worked great without any issues.

Getting two for the price of one is obviously handy as it means you can carry one around with you, while also using one at home. Definitely with the small price!

Manufacture Description:

  • Apple MFI Certified: Apple official authorized certified, quality assurance. Advanced technology for your phone to provide high quality accessories.
  • Built to last: premium materials, dirt-resistant TPE (same as Apple OEM cable), enhanced durability tested and safety technology ensure that AUKEY Lightning cable can live longer than most cables on the market.
  • Lightning 8-pin sided-plug, data and current transmission is more stable. High-quality internal wires support charging and provide fast data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps, more efficient and saving power.
  • Compatibility: 100% compatible with any lightning products with IOS system, such as iPhone SE / 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / 6S / 6 Plus / 5S / 5C / 5, iPad 4 / Air / Air 2 / Pro / Mini / mini 2 / mini 3 / mini 4 / iPod Touch 5 / Touch 6 / Nano 7 / 9.7 inches iPad Pro.
  • What you can get: 1 x AUKEY 3.3ft / 1m USB Cable with Lightning Connector [2 Pack]; 24 Months Worry-free Warranty and Friendly Customer Service.

Check it out here: Amazon

Review: AUKEY iPhone Lens 2 in 1 Kit 0.45x Wide Angle 140 Degrees


I’ve tried loads of attachable camera lenses for phones, and they tend to be just novel items that really serve very little practical use. This lens however is a beast. It’s big, like really big! The frame is well made, finished off in metal, but the main thing that makes it so good is the large size of the lens itself.

Most of these types of attachments are too small so you get a fish bowl affect around the outside of your image. With this, you don’t get that due to the larger size of the lens. I was actually able to take photos using the wide angle lens that didn’t distort around the edges!

If you’re in the market for this kind of attachment, this is by far the best I’ve used. It is big, but that has its advantages. Well worth the low cost!

Manufacture Description:

  • 2 in 1 Kit: 140 degree wide angle can expend angle, making your photos cover more views. 10x macro lens can make your cell phone to shoot tiny objects, you will discover the beauty of the details of the object. The photo will not deform and without black circle.
  • 58mm Filter Lens Interface: this lens can install different colors filter lens on it, the lens functional diversification, shooting more personalized photos.
  • High Quality Material: Personality profile, this phone lens is using high quality aluminum and optical glass materials, exquisite workmanship will not affect pixel imaging and color.
  • Removable Clip: With a removable clip to fix or remove retaining clip by rotating. The clip with internal protective rubber non-slip, is not easy to fall, and the phone will not scratch and is suitable for most phones and tablets.
  • Lens-round protection: the front and rear of the lens has a protective cover to prevent dust and avoid damaged to lens’ glass, the package contains a protective bag, easy to carry when you are traveling. The best choice for traveling.

Check it out here: Amazon

Review: Wireless Headphones SmartOmi Boots Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 4.1 with Mic


I was pretty skeptical of these little headphones when I was offered the chance to review them. After seeing so much about other similar products from a well known company, I didn’t really think that this sort of design would be a good idea. My biggest concern was that they would fall out easily, and soon get lost.

They are oddly comfortable, and seem to stay in my ears much better than expected. The ever so slight angle to the design means that the top edge nestles just under the top of my ear, securing itself. I used these a fair bit while doing house work, and moving a lot of stuff around, and at no point did either one of the buds fall out. I don’t know if its because normal headphones normally have a cable that tugs, but these felt much more secure than any other in ear headphones I’ve used before.

The two buds are very small and come with a charging cradle. To pair them up, you push and hold the power button on one of the buds, search for it in your bluetooth settings, then pair up. Once paired, power on the second bud, and they then communicate together. When you power down one, the other also shuts down! Sadly, they don’t do the same when powering on, but that isn’t a huge deal.

Sound quality is really good considering their small quality. Music came out loud and crisp, and I never felt the need to go about half volume. Anything louder would have just been uncomfortable.

At the time of writing they are retailing for £70 and I believe this is pretty reasonable.

Manufacture Description:

  • ✔ FULLY WIRELESS EARBUDS DESIGN − Eliminate stethoscope effect of all wired headphones and noise reducing. Enjoy rich sound from bass to treble. Great for calling in car, navigation, fishing and travel.
  • ✔ SWEATPROOF − This completely wireless earphones are withstand dripping sweat, no any affect running, jogging, hiking, biking, gym or other workout.
  • ✔ SIRI AND GOOGLE NOW WITH ONE TOUCH − Quickly press the main button twice on the buttom of master earphones for starup, hand free to control your mobile phone.
  • ✔ QUITE SIMPLY PAIRING − Just open one earbud to connect your device, then open the another one, all connected. Single or both as you like.
  • ✔ 5 HOURS CONTINUOUS TALK OR MUSIC TIME − Longest Battery life among Similar small earbuds, 200 hours of standby, also fit for people who wear glasses.

Check it out here: Amazon UK

Review: AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger 18W


Absolutely love this little car charger. It offers fantastic charging speeds in comparison to so many others I’ve used before it. Normally in car chargers just seem to trickle charge my device, but this little beast really delivers.

It’s very small and compact and well made. My only complaint is that it only has one USB charging port, which isn’t the end of the world most times, but there are a few occasions where I need to charge multiple gadgets on the go. However, if the trade off is speed, then I’ll take speed over multiple USB’s.

Manufacture Description:

  • AUKEY is Amazon’s #1 Quick Charge Brand.
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology: AUKEY is Officially licensed and certified to use Quick Charge 3.0 Tech. Charges compatible devices four times faster than standard chargers and 40% faster than QC 2.0 Tech.
  • Universal Charging: Built AUKEY AiPower and Quick Charge 3.0 Tech in one port, it can easily and fast recognize the devices, providing the safest maximum current up to 3A to device like Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, iPad, iPhone 6s, 6, GPS and more.
  • Safety Guarantee: Multiple built-in safeguards protect against over-current, overcharging and overheating for safe and fast charging.
  • Package Contents: AUKEY CC-T10 Car Charger, 3.3ft Micro USB Cable, User manual, and full 24 Month Worry-Free Warranty.

Check it out here: Amazon UK

Review: AUKEY Running Belt Waist Pack 5.5 inches Transparent Touch Screen Running Bag


This is a nice little running pouch. It feels well made, and the straps feel secure. I didn’t ever worry about my phone tumbling free which is always a good thing!

I was surprised by how well my screen responded through this, and to be honest I didn’t really expect it to work at all. Granted, it’s not quite as good as just touching your screen and there were a few missed presses, but for the most part it worked very well.

The belt itself is elasticated, and also adjustable, so you get pretty much get it to fit perfectly. The pouch itself is pretty roomy, and theres enough space for your phone and a few small spare items. One thing that I really liked is that there is a small hole for headphones, so if you’ve not gone with bluetooth, then you can still use your music.

All in all this is a really good little accessory if you want to use your phone while running. It’s more comfortable than the normal armbands I use.

Manufacture Description:

  • Premium Quality: The belt is very lightweight and soft. It is made of a waterproof nylon material that feels quite silky and also has a Waterproof Zip on the back to protect your devices from water/sweat.It holds everything securely inside and nothing will fall out while on a run.
  • Touchable Screen Window: The transparent touch PVC screen window allows you to use your touch screen well as usual.That makes it easy to operate the cellphone when there is a call or message in.
  • A Earphone Jack: There is a hole in the belt for a pair of earphones to come through, so you can listen to the music on your phone while wearing it.
  • Large Capacity: There is the main pocket on the top with the transparent screen, you can still operate your phone by it. And there is a extra pocket behind the main pocket where you can store keys, money, cards and other things you may want to carry with.
  • Adjustable Belt: The waist strap is made of a very high quality thick elastic. There are also two clips on the belt that you can adjust the length of it to meet your need.

Check it out here: Amazon UK


Review: AUKEY Bedside Lamp Mini Dimmable Rechargeable Portable LED Desk Lamp


This is a surprisingly versatile little lamp. The design of the hinges allows for you to adjust it in all sorts of different positions depending on where you want to use it. You can also hang it if you want as it seems to fasten onto all sorts of hooks around my house.

The lamp itself offers a good amount of light and has a good number of different modes to suit your needs at the time.

When not in use, it collapses down into a small rectangle, helping to add to its portability.

All in all, a unique little, portable lamp.

Please note, I was sent this product in exchange for an unbiased review.

Manufacture Description:

  • Slim, sleek anodized aluminum alloy LED Desk Lamp with two brightness levels and touch controls
  • 360° adjustable for easy positioning in any situation
  • Lightweight and low profile – Folds flat for portability and only weighs 9.2oz; built-in battery provides up to 3 hours of light
  • Energy efficient – Uses just 3 watts of power but generates 150 lumens of light
  • Package Contents: AUKEY LT-ST7 Desk Lamp, USB Charging Cable, User Manual, Hanging Mount , Warranty Card

Check it out here: Amazon UK

Review: AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker with 30-Hour Playtime


This speaker is awesome, delivering great sound. The build quality is top class, and some of the best I’ve used in this price bracket. it feels rugged and looks great at the same time. Everything about this little speaker feels premium.

You can connect via bluetooth, or you can plug your device in directly using a 3.5mm jack. The speaker also has a tripod screw on the bottom so you can place this easily in different locations.

It packs in around 30 hours of play time which is great, and also surprising considering its size. it’s not the smallest speaker ever, but it doesn’t look big enough to pack in that much juice.

Along the top of the device you’ve got all your vital buttons to allow you to control the speaker without constantly reaching for your phone.

Audio quality is very good. It’s not going to replace your in home speakers, but as a portable audio device this speaker packs more than enough power in. Music sounds great, and calls also sounded very good.

All in all, a very good speaker that is well worth the price.

Please note, I was sent this product in exchange for an unbiased review.

Manufacture Description:

  • Dual 5W drivers produce deep lows, textured mids, and clear highs to enjoy at home or outdoor
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.1 Instantly connects your phone or tablet and automatically reconnects to the last device used among 33ft wireless range
  • Up to 30-hour playtime and talk time, stream your music wirelessly with A2DP Bluetooth or plugged in via AUX input with included 3.5mm audio cable
  • Easily manage audio playback and calls with volume controls, and built-in microphone. Choose your sound signature with the Mode switch. Built-in 1/4″-20 standard tripod screw mount for outdoor use
  • Package Contents: AUKEY SK-M12 Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker, Micro-USB Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable, User Manual, 24 Month Warranty

Check it out here: Amazon UK

Sale: LG 55UH605V 55 inch Ultra HD

If like myself, you’re after a new 4K TV, this years Amazon Black Friday deals may just have you covered. I’ve been thinking about getting a new TV for a while, and when I saw this LG 55UH605V 55 inch Ultra HD drop in the sale, I couldn’t resist! Normally I never find anything worth shouting about in the Black Friday sales, but this seemed like a bargain.

Check out the specs below, and grab one before the sale is over!


  • An Ultra HD 4K resolution delivers four times the detail of Full HD. The depth of the display is complimented by the intuitive True Black Panel, which reduces reflection rates by scattering harsh lights across the screen
  • When something is shown in HDR 4K there is a dynamic range on display that is closer to the huge range of colours and shades that your eye can process; content producers are already producing HDR 4K entertainment and LG UHD TV is ready for this content
  • Stream 4K UHD programmes from your favourite providers thanks to HEVC decoding technology and lift your standard definition content to near 4K quality via LG’s 6 step 4K upscaler
  • Stand the television on the two pole swallow stand which with its sturdy construction lifts the design of the TV and provides secure placement looking ideal in any room with a metallic finish around the bezel of the product
  • The award winning LG Smart TV with freeview play, subject to coverage, puts you in control of the entertainment on offer

Check it out here: Amazon UK


Review: AUKEY Bluetooth Speakers with Enhanced Bass


This is a nifty little speaker that delivers pretty good sound considering its size. It is well made, and feels very robust.

As mentioned above, it delivers good sound quality. It’s not fantastic, but considering the size and price, it’s much better than I would have expected.

It charges via Micro USB, so you most likely won’t need to worry about running out of cables. It can be paired via AUX, or bluetooth, both of which are an absolute breeze to set up. It also packs the main buttons that you’ll need to use this handsfree, so there is no need to keep reaching for your media device.

All in all, this is a lovely little speaker. It probably won’t be your go to music device, but if you’re heading outdoors and want something that won’t die, then it’s worth checkin out.

Manufacture Description:

  • Portable audio: compact, palm-sized Bluetooth Speaker cube for versatile indoor and outdoor use
  • Super sound: high-def streamed audio with crystal clear highs, fresh mids, and heart pumping bass
  • Unique design: industrial octagonal cube with tiny footprint. Easy access controls. Lightweight design for easy carry
  • Wide compatibility: connect in seconds over Bluetooth or via 3.5mm audio cable. Get your music fix with a vast range of mobile devices, laptops, PCs, and more
  • Package contents: AUKEY SK-M13 Portable Wireless Speaker, USB Charging cable, Hanging Strap, User Manual, 24 Month Warranty

Check it out here: Amazon UK

Review: Power Inverter 300W 12V to 230V


This is one of those products that you probably won’t find yourself needing much, but it’s more than handy when you go camping or caravanning (or finding yourself in need of charge for your Macbook in the car)

The unit feels sturdy and well made, with a durable metal shell to protect the internals. It sports two full sized USB ports, and a 3 pin plug for UK mains charging devices. This is great as it offers a huge amount of support for most things you could need when away from a mains power source.

When charging or powering whatever you’ve chosen to use, this device starts to heat up. Luckily there’s a built in fan that helps to keep the heat under control, but it is worth noting that the inverter can start to get warm relatively quickly depending on what you’ve plugged in.

Like I said at the start, you won’t find yourself using this much, but if you’re going camping, then it can come in very handy indeed!

Manufactures Description:

  • Perfect for charging a vast range of household devices and electronic devices while on the road and for camping, field work, vacations ect
  • AC Outlet: Coverts the DC 12V current from you car to AC 230V so that you can use the household devices powered by spin which are not exceed 150W during your road trip
  • 2 USB Outputs: Charge phones and tablets simultaneously at up to 4.8A
  • Comes with battery clamps and cigarette lighter adapter. It’s the essential addition to your emergency travel kit; Smart cooling fan makes it silent when using the Power Inverter
  • Package Contents: AUKEY 300W Power Inverter, Battery Clamp, Cigarette Lighter Plug, User Manual

Check it out here: Amazon UK


Review: Hylogy Baby Digital Thermometer


This is a very handy little tool for getting a quick temperature reading. There have been a few occasions when I’ve sat asking myself whether something has cooled down enough for me to touch it, and this answers that for me!

Using it is as simple as pointing at the target, pulling the trigger, then read the display. I found the readings to be accurate, and the build quality was top notch.

Granted, it isn’t going to be one of those must have items, but it does come in handy.

Manufactures Description:

  • Auto Power Off Function: Shuts off automatically when idle for 18 seconds ; Low Electricity Consumption.
  • Dual Mode: Not only can measure body temperature,but also can measure the temperature of surface, room, bath water, food, baby milk etc. with clock function.
  • Three Color Back Light: when the body temperature is normal,the back light is Green,Yellow back light for slight fever and Red back light for high fever.
  • Fast and accurate: 0.5 seconds measuring time and the accuracy is ±0.2C(0.4F). Satisfaction Gurantee: If for any reason you aren’t completely happy with our premium thermometer, simply return it within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund.Besides,24-month Product Warranty.
  • Satisfaction Gurantee: If for any reason you aren’t completely happy with our premium thermometer, simply return it within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund.Besides,24-month Product Warranty.

Check it out here: Amazon UK

Review: AUKEY Laptop Cooling 12″-17″ Pad Laptop Cooler


This is a great quality and well designed cooling pad. The thing is pretty big, and offers plenty of room for most laptops, even larger gaming laptops. Despite its relatively large size, it isn’t cumbersome and it still maintains some pretty good looks.

On the bottom you’ve got adjustable feet so you can angle this on a desk with issue or have it sat comfortably on your lap instead. On the top, you’ve got rubber grips which are really handy as they help your laptop to grip the surface. This is especially handy if you have the cooling pad angled, as it grips well even when typing and gaming.

The whole thing is powered via USB, so theres no need to plug it into an external power source. Throughout my time using this I found that it kept my device cool, even under heavy load.

Highly recommended!

Manufactures Description:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Slim and portable adapter for 12-17 inch laptop and notebook with easy carry, no matter where you go.
  • COMPATIBILITY AND DURABLE: AUKEY cooling pad supports various laptop sizes from 12inch to 17 inch. Full metal mesh provides a stable surface with anti-slip rubber feet.
  • SUPERIOR COOLING: 3 x 110mm silent fans at 1100 RPM to pull in cool air into your laptop, make your computer cool quickly. Two adjustment height settings allow you to set your laptop in the best viewing angle.
  • EXTRA USB PORTS: Built-in dual USB 2.0 ports allow for connecting additional USB device.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: AUKEY Cooling Pad, 1 x USB Cable, 24 months Worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

Check it out here: Amazon UK


Review: AUKEY Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger


This little charger offers exceptionally fast charging for compatible devices. I found during my testing that when charging, phones do tend to heat up, so that’s something to be aware of. It’s not a fault, so there’s no need to worry, but when they are taking in so much power quickly it will cause the battery to heat up.

The charger itself is a little on the large size, and I feel its a bit of a shame that it isn’t collapsable so it takes away a little of the portability. Apart from that, this is a great charger and very reasonably priced. It has the same features as chargers that are more than twice the price, so it’s a bargain really.

Manufactures Description:

  • Charge compatible devices up to 75% faster than standard chargers
  • Universal Charging: Charges all non-Quick Charge 2.0 phones and tablets at their normal speed (up to 5 volts / 2.4A Max) with AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology
  • A Quick Charge 2.0 enabled device must be paired with a Quick Charge 2.0 certified adapter; The car charger was tested by UL and complies with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
  • Package Contents: AUKEY 18W Single Port USB Turbo Wall Charger Fast Charger with Quick Charge 2.0, 20AWG 3.3FT USB Micro USB Cable, User manual, and full 24 Month Worry-Free Warranty
  • Input: AC 100-240V, Output: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Check it out here: Amazon UK

Review: AUKEY Condenser Microphone Studio Microphone


Getting everything you need to either start recording Podcasts, or do something like online gaming videos, can sometimes be quite daunting. There’s often a lot of different things you’ll need to get to make sure your audio sounds great, and with this little starter kit fro. Aukey, you get everything you’ll need.

The kit is surprisingly good quality, with everything delivering where it needs to. The audio captured from the microphone was great, and everything is pretty easy to set up. I’ve tested a lot of microphones that cost the same amount as this entire kit that deliver similar audio quality, so I was pretty surprised at the performance here.

Granted, you’re not going to get pro level from this kit, but for the price you won’t find better. This really is a top bit of kit, well made, and delivers where it needs to.

Definitely worth checking this out!

Manufactures Description:

  • Professional condenser microphone: offers perfect voice clarity and high sensitivity, good fidelity, rich and full-bodied sound, but not muddy, meets the high demands of voice recording, suitable for various types of computers
  • Cardioid design: minimizes noise beside and behind, provide better isolation, not only for professional vocal studio, but used in a noisy recording environment, can be used for the individual K song, network anchors or other non-professional occasions
  • High density gilded Pop Filter: effectively banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds during recording
  • Metal shock mount: strong and sturdy, made by hard metal materia with elastic process design, make the structure more stable; the ball-type anti-wind foam cap can protect microphone against wind interference and singers’ spit
  • Package contents: Condenser Microphone, Adjustable Suspension Scissor Arm Stand, Table Mounting Clamp

Check it out here: Amazon Link

Review: Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera

This is by far the nicest IP camera I have used. It looks fantastic, and the matte rubberised texture feels great and helps the camera to just blend into the background. It’s not overly large, small enough to avoid notice, but it has a good bit of weight behind it and its sturdy with a firm base to sit on. I especially like the fact that it has a screw in the bottom to allow for mounting onto a tripod or stand, one of which is included in the box (stand/mount)

Pairing the device up is very simple, download the Amcrest Pro app, scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera, and you’re ready to go. It’s really simple and the instructions are very clear. There’s a lot of features within the app, allowing users to customise their camera and how it performs. You can set alarm and motion detectors, and set up things like push notifications. This is great if you’re looking for something to notify you when something off is detected within your home.

Streaming and recording quality is top of the range. The device tops out at 1080 at 30 fps when streaming and recording which is great. Logging in to see what the camera could see always gave fantastic results due to the high quality. The larger quality in resolution compared to other IP cameras I have used allows for more flexibility in zooming in on certain areas. Also, the camera has a very good wide eye lens so even when zoomed in, you’ve got a pretty good field of view to play with.

Despite having a larger resolution, the camera is still very responsive when panning and tilting. I found that it streamed almost instantly and I was able to control it without any lag. This is handy if you’re looking around and you want it to be quick.

The device also supports a two way talk function which is surprisingly loud and clear. This is a great fantastic feature for deterring intruders after they’ve been detected as you have the ability to capture the images and footage you need, then warn them that they have been discovered and should leave. It’s also a great feature for driving my cats and wife wild!

The camera also features a Micro SD card slot, allowing you to record video to the card and play it back later. This is a useful feature if you can’t keep an eye on the footage throughout the day. It also includes night-vision which is surprisingly good quality!

My only gripe with the camera is that it doesn’t support Apple Homekit, or at least I didn’t find any support during my usage. Hopefully that might change with iOS 10 coming soon as I’d love to have support for my Apple Watch.

All in all this is a fantastic bit of kit with plenty of uses. The quality, both video and audio is extremely high end, so it allows for more versatile uses. I’d definitely recommend this camera.


Review: FM Transmitter, Aukey Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit with 3.5mm Audio Plug

Manufacture Description

  • Wirelessly stream and broadcast all your favorite tunes to your car’s audio system; simply connect to your audio device via 3.5mm jack
  • High visibility display with prominent and intuitive buttons for full control
  • Multifunctional design: USB port to charge your favorite device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, etc) during audio transmission
  • Truly universal: works with any device with 3.5mm jack including Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, and other popular audio devices
  • Package Content: Aukey BT-C4 Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit, User manual, Aukey 18 Months worry-free warranty & 100% Customer Satisfaction


This is an awesome bit of kit that comes in at an exceptionally low price. The beauty of it is how easy the set up is. Literally, just plug it in, tune your radio in to the same frequency displayed on the device, and you’re ready to go. Once paired up, you can begin playing your music and it will come through your car speakers.

The device delivers great quality and I didn’t experience any hissing or dropped signal unlike other devices I’ve tested before. The music sounded great, and the addition of a mic on the transmitter means you can also handle calls through this as well. When using this for hands free I found the persons voice to be clear, and they reported that they didn’t hear any echoes and I sounded fine on the other end.

The devices feels well made is is very easy to set up and the charging section also has a spare USB port so that you don’t have to sacrifice charging your phone while using this. Another big bonus.

For the price, you really can’t go wrong. This is an amazingly simple bit of kit that delivers all around!


Review: AUKEY LED Solar Wall Light Solar Lamp 38 LEDs

Manufacture Description:

  • Absolutely effortless installation: No wiring! Simply hang the lamp with the nails in the wall, or affix to any desired location, no electricity is needed! Turn on the lamp, select your desired setting, then let it shine!
  • Intelligent lighting mode: In addition to light mode, our LT-SL1 has two intelligent light modes with the built-in temperature-controlled motion: If someone is in front of the lamp, the lamp turns on automatically, or change the faint light to the light Light. Then the bright light will remain for 20 seconds.
  • Considerable energy savings: The lamp is supplied from solar energy in the daytime, you do not need to worry about power supply of the lamp. The solar panel can be efficient to collect the sunlight even it is cloudy day.
  • Powerful LED Light Group: 38 pieces of LEDs provide a reliable luminosity equal to 70-80W incandescent lamp. Enlightened around your house in the dark, it ensures your safety while nocturnal activity.
  • Highly placed protection: IP65 of dustproof and water resistant, LT-SL1 has excellent stability in continuous operation without abnormality and a longer lifespan over 50000 hours.

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This is a great little outdoor light, that delivers much more than I expected. To be honest, I always doubt how good anything solar powered is, especially here in the UK, but after only a few hours, this light had enough juice stored up to deliver.

It is well made and feels durable. The light itself won’t look out of place and is relatively compact for what it is. Included with this is a little cardboard strip, a template that helps to ensure you drill the holes in the exact place you need them. There’s no need to do any manual measurements or guesswork, which makes fitting this pretty easy.

There are three modes of lighting, the most useful being a security light that kicks in when its sensors pick up movement (a feature that works very well). It’s a very bright light, and much more impressive than I expected.

I’m really impressed with this solar light and would definitely recommend it. It’s very easy to fit, and due to the solar charging, you don’t have to worry about hooking up any power source!


Review: AUKEY Transmitter, Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 FM Transmitter

Manufacture Description:

  • Built-in microphone makes hands-free calls easy
  • Supports A2DP , high-performance built-in microphone which can offer your clear talking and wonderful music .
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, up to 33 ft range , supports pairing two smartphones at once .
  • DC 5V, easy connect iPod/iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Nexus, Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia and other mobile devices
  • The aukey wireless FM transmitter is capable of simultaneously connects to two devices


This is an awesome bit of kit. It’s very small and compact, a lot smaller than I expected, and delivers exceptional quality. When I tested voice calls on it I found the quality to be as good as using my phone. Most things like this have me leaning in closer so that the other person can hear me, but that wasn’t an issue here. The other great thing is that the person I was speaking to didn’t hear themselves echoing.

The devices feels well made is is very easy to set up. Simply plug it in and tune your cars radio into the same frequency displayed. Once that’s done, you’re ready to pair your smartphone with the transmitter and from there you can bluetooth music and voice. It’s that simple.

The car charger has a second USB port so that you don’t have to sacrifice charging your phone while using this. Another big bonus.

All in all this is one of the best in car bluetooth transmitters I’ve used. The audio and voice functions are brilliant and I can’t find a single thing to fault.